Home Security Camera

Complete cloud-based video surveillance solution that captures high quality video in almost any situation and records to the Web Camera Cloud. The video can be viewed from any web browser or mobile device.

Keep an eye on your home, office, parking area or anywhere you need security. The webcam software supports SSH and H.264 Streams

You can also record and capture video from almost any source – your computer screen, IP Camera or USB Webcam.

Real time performance

Home Security Camera enriches video surveillance with artificial intelligence to recognize objects in real time. The technology is designed to run on IP Camera processors to achieve fast performance.

Home Security Camera records time-lapse video (one frame per second) and
complete video only upon the occurrence specific events.

This will significantly reduce disk space requirements and thereby minimize the total network load.

How it works
Home Security Cameras
Object detection on ip camera
Local Server
Lets you connect ip cameras to the Webcam cloud in just one minute.
If your computer doesn't already have a built-in webcam, you'll need to attach and set up an external IP Camera or USB webcam before you'll be able to stream.
Webcam Cloud
Load balancing streaming servers.
Web services software and mobile app
Creatre your personal account on webcam cloud website