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Web Camera Pro is a free video surveillance software that offers a comprehensive, intelligent, and cost-effective security solution for both homes and businesses. Compatible with a wide range of cameras including IP, USB, and mobile phones, the software provides advanced features like object detection, facial recognition, and time-lapse recording. It allows for local video archiving and analytics, minimizing reliance on costly cloud services. Integrated with VideoSurvillance.Cloud, Web Camera Pro offers event-driven cloud recording, optimizing storage and ensuring you capture only the most critical moments.
Overcoming Cloud Limitations
One of the standout features of Web Camera Pro is its ability to offer localized video analytics. Typically, cloud-based surveillance services continuously record and process video streams from ip cameras. While this approach may seem robust, it has significant limitations such as data loss due to poor internet connectivity, bandwidth constraints imposed by ISPs, false alerts, and the overall high cost per camera. Moreover, cloud-based systems often offer limited storage duration for video data.

Web Camera Pro, when paired with VideoSurvillance.Cloud, solves many of these issues. Firstly, the video archive is stored locally on the user's computer, providing unrestricted access to their surveillance history for any number of cameras. Secondly, video analytics are conducted locally using Web Camera Pro's software, eliminating additional costs. Thirdly, the system employs artificial intelligence to significantly reduce both local and cloud storage requirements.

For instance, in traditional systems, storing a continuous archive for just one 1080p IP camera for a year would require about 6.5 Tb of disk space. Multiply this by the number of your cameras, and the storage costs can be astronomical. Web Camera Pro reduces the archive size by hundreds of times, thanks to object detection based on neural networks and time-lapse recording features.

Event-Driven Cloud Recording
With Web Camera Pro, cloud recording is activated only in the event of a specific trigger. When no event occurs, time-lapse recording can be used, further saving storage space.

Web Camera Pro offers a versatile, cost-effective, and user-friendly solution for video surveillance, effectively addressing the limitations commonly associated with cloud-based systems. Whether you need a comprehensive security setup or a simple monitoring system, Web Camera Pro stands as an ideal choice.

Availability and Support
Due to high demand, the number of invitations for connecting Web Camera Pro to the cloud is limited. To be placed on the waiting list, you can reach out through the support section.

Repurposing Old Smartphones
In addition, RTSP Camera offers the unique ability to turn old Android smartphones into a powerful video surveillance system. By using a smartphone as a security camera and connecting it to a Wi-Fi network, users can monitor their home or office with ease, using another device to keep watch.

Home Security Camera Software

Turn your old smartphones into a professional video surveillance system for your home or office
Don't throw away your old smartphones just yet! With the help of modern technology, you can easily repurpose your old devices and turn them into professional-grade IP cameras. This allows you to create a cost-effective video surveillance system for your home or office, without having to invest in expensive equipment.
By simply installing the right app, you can transform your old smartphones into powerful security cameras that can capture high-quality footage and send it straight to your computer or mobile device. This not only helps you keep an eye on your property when you're away, but also provides an added layer of security for your loved ones and valuables.

So why not give your old smartphones a new lease on life and turn them into an integral part of your home or office security system?

RTSP Camera
Install the app on your smartphone to transform it into an IP Camera for video surveillance over Wi-Fi. This application features an integrated RTSP server, allowing for live video and audio streaming. With the RTSP Camera application, you can effortlessly stream and record RTSP content with audio from your mobile device to your PC.
Motion Detection
Easily capture videos using the Motion Detection App, which comes with a built-in motion detector. This app facilitates object spotting and video surveillance, automatically saving videos to your phone or a cloud server upon detecting movement. Choose between basic sensitivity settings or advanced neural network-based recognition to identify objects like people, animals, and vehicles. When an object is spotted, the app logs the event and allows you to upload the event details and video to a cloud server.
CCTV Cloud
CCTV Cloud is a mobile application designed for seamless remote property monitoring. As the mobile counterpart to VideoSurveillance.Cloud, a cloud-based surveillance service, it allows you to manage your IP camera devices and receive event notifications with ease. With CCTV Cloud, you're always in touch with your property, ensuring peace of mind wherever you are.
RTMP Camera
Turn your mobile phone into a high-definition camera with built-in RTMP streaming capabilities, allowing you to seamlessly broadcast on platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and more. Our RTMP Security Camera software empowers you to repurpose your old smartphone as an IP camera for your surveillance system. Enjoy versatile features like streaming RTMP video from the primary or front camera even when your device is locked or while using another app, live broadcasting of video and audio to your PC, and leveraging your phone as a surveillance camera.
Home Security Camera
With an easy-to-follow setup and user-friendly interface, Home Security Camera streamlines the management and monitoring of RTSP and HTTP streams across various devices. This grants you remote access to your live feed from any location. Whether monitoring pets, children, or prized possessions, Home Security Camera caters to all your surveillance requirements.
Web Camera Pro for Windows
Web Camera Pro is a user-friendly video surveillance software for PC. This software provides a straightforward interface, simplifying the setup and upkeep process. Users can seamlessly connect IP cameras, USB cameras, and even mobile phones to create a comprehensive security setup. The software efficiently handles the management and streaming of data from connected security cameras and mobile devices, including RTSP and HTTP streams.
Free RTSP Security Camera
Home Security Camera
Security Camera Software
You don't have to shell out for expensive CCTV, baby monitors, or IP cameras to protect your property. Instead, repurpose an old smartphone as a pet cam, baby cam, nanny cam, webcam, or IP camera. This allows you to keep a watchful eye on your home's main entry point, backyard, parking lot, or the location of your valuable possessions. Plus, using an IP camera as a baby monitor is also an option.

With our free RTSP Camera app, creating your own video surveillance system is both cost-effective and straightforward.
You don't require any specialized skills or pricey equipment. The app is easy to install, and it comes with all the necessary features at no cost. Save money by using our app to transform your old smartphone into a professional video surveillance system for your home or office.

Home Security Camera app lets you manage the data streamed from your smartphones and IP security cameras, as well as control the devices, turning them into fully functioning IP cameras. With a user-friendly interface that is simple to set up and maintain, you can remotely monitor your IP cameras from anywhere with ease.
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